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Getting Fit With Wii Fit Plus


I'm trying to get into better shape. Everyone should exercise regularly, especially if they have an inactive job. Exercise helps your body to regulate itself so it controls depression, disease, digestion, hypertension, weight, ... I could go on. Basically, it is good. And there are so many ways to exercise that are fun. One such way is using a Wii game console with the Balance Board. There are several programs out there to help you along the way, but it comes with Wii Fit Plus. If you have an older balance board, then you got the older Wii Fit and can upgrade to the Wii Fit Plus for $20 retail.

Elizabeth and I are both using the Wii Fit Plus to exercise regularly. I also sometimes use videos or exercise without a "trainer" to follow (ie, on my own). I feel that I get the best workout through if I have the trainer to tell me what to do. I'm just not that creative in my routines. As I don't have any videos at home, unless I stream them from exercisetv.tv, I use the Wii Fit Plus a lot.

The Wii Fit Plus is a program where you can choose individual exercises or you get choose a routine to follow. The exercises are in categories, including: Yoga, Strength, Aerobics, Balance and Training Plus. Yoga and strength training are just exercise while the other three categories are more game exercises. Some are a lot of fun, others are frustrating. But if you play the single routines, you spent so much time between each routine that you loose a lot of exercise time. So you should go into My Wii Fit Plus and pick a longer routine.

In My Wii Fit Plus you can choose a three exercise routine that is focused on a specific area (neck and lower back, hip and legs, etc), or you can choose individual exercises to round out your routine. You can choose as many of either as you like to make your routine long or short. I usually do around 30 minutes.

Using the Wii Fit Plus shortens the time between each exercise to maximize your burn, but there is still a lot of time between each exercise. I want to go right from one exercise to the next so that I am getting 30 minutes of workout in a 30 minute routine and I don't get that with Wii Fit Plus, unless I supplement by adding in crunches while the game sets up for me. I also have to keep moving the balance board between each exercise, which is a little frustrating. If I had more room, this would not be as much of a problem, but....

It is nice to get feedback from the game. It reads the balance board and tells you that you need to shift weight, or lower your arm if you are holding the remote, etc. The feedback gets a little irritating when it tells you that you are doing great, and a. you know your not and b. at the end it gives you a low "score" on the exercise. The last thing that bothers me about it is that when you choose your own routine, you can only choose from yoga or strength. I like to have a little aerobics in there too...

The Good:
Comes free with balance board
Variety of routines/games
Games are fun
Gives positive feedback

The Bad:
Too much lag time
Have to move the board too often
Can't mix aerobics into own routine
Feedback is often wrong

B: It is good, but could be better. The main thing I want is shorter lag time between the exercises.

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