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Why Does My Business Need to Get Online?

No matter what sort of business you run you need to get online. Even traditional businesses need to
create a home for themselves on the Internet, and even brick-and-mortar businesses need to advertise

Think back to the last time you wanted to find a store to go located in your neighborhood, or
the last time you wanted to try out a new restaurant. Did you call up all your friends and ask for
recommendations? Did you break out the phone book and start flipping through the “Local Business”
section? Or did you hop onto Google and perform a quick search for what you desired?

Everyone uses the Internet to find businesses these days, and if you’re going to grab their attention and
win their loyalty then you need to get your business online too.

Thankfully getting online is a lot easier than you might think. You don’t need to be a tech geek or a
design wiz to create your own website and to post it online where your potential and existing customers
can find it. In fact, you can create and post your new website in well under an hour (without spending an
arm and a leg), all thanks to advances in website technology.

What sort of advances are we talking about?

First of all, the actual servers and storage devices required to keep your website online have become a
lot cheaper over the last few years. In fact, dropping prices in the tech sphere have made getting online
as close to free as possible. When you work with the right website hosting company you will only have
to spend a few bucks a month to host your website online. To sweeten the pot even further the best
website hosting companies also offer free website builders- intuitive software that lets you quickly and
easily design and construct your own website.

There are plenty of different web hosting companies out there, and each of those companies offers
plenty of different hosting techniques designed to get your site online. Many of them also provide great
web hosting coupons. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by your options it’s a good idea to pick a hosting
company that simplifies the process and automatically presents you with your best options.

Hostpapa is one such company. With a Hostpapa coupon you can get your website online for as little as
$3.95 a month and you’ll find a really simple, and really powerful, web hosting solution that’s perfect for
your current needs. Seeing as Hostpapa also adds on a free setup, a free domain name for your website,
and hosting solutions completely powered by green energy sources, it’s easy to see why Hostpapa is so
popular among businesses getting online for the first time!

HTML Definitions

When working with HTML there is a certain language that it is helpful to understand. Below are the most common definitions to be familiar with.

AJAX is a way of using JavaScript to do some great dynamic changes to a web page. Most web pages are very static, but AJAX pages use CSS with JavaScript to change things dynamically.
An attribute sets something within the element. It is set in the open tag and uses the attribute="value" style.
A quickly growing browser maintained by Google. Has some very good features, but not as well supported as Firefox or Internet Explorer, but support is growing. Download it here
Cascading Style Sheets are a way of setting attributes in a far richer way. You can set all the attributes for every element in one location and set "classes" for these elements which allow even richer display.
Fancy term meaning that it is no longer supported. Some browser may still support it, but it is not in the current standard.
An element is the portion between an open tag and an end tag. It refers to the section of text that is effected by any attributes or css that effect it.
In HTML we can put other code pieces into the page that are not HTML. We do this by embedding the code into the HTML. In other words, we just put the other code into the HTML and tell the browser what language it is in. Most commonly we use CSS or JavaScript to do this.
One of the most used browsers. Sometimes referred to as FF. Download it here. Uses the Mozilla engine.
HTML is the language of the web. It is a markup language that defines elements that will have set display styles.
Internet Explorer
One of the most used browsers. Sometimes referred to as IE. Maintained by Microsoft. Comes packaged with Windows.
JavaScript is a scripting language that is often embedded in HTML pages. Scripting languages run scripts (do something) where markup languages like HTML set the display. Using both together allows for a lot of flexibility.
Major Browsers
The major browsers are the 5 browsers that are most used. These are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari
A tag is the mark that opens and closes an element. It is between a < and > such as the <b> bold tag.
XHTML and extension of HTML that uses the more restrictive set of rules within XML. It is a markup language that defines elements that will have set display styles.

<col> Column Tag

The <col> element sets attributes that will be used for all cells in a table column. <col> is very useful for defining what a column will look like without defining each cell individually, and can only be used within tables. <col> is valid in all browsers, but since most attributes have limited support, it is best to use CSS to define how the column will look.


  • align: Sets the alignment of the content within the column. Possible values are left, right, center, justify, char. This attribute is only valid in IE and Opera. IE does not recognize justify.
  • char: Sets the character to align on if the char align option is used. char is not recognized by any major browser. The default is a decimal point.
  • charoff: Sets the number of characters the content will be aligned from the character specified by the char attribute. The charoff attribute is not supported in any major browser.
  • span: Sets the number of columns the column should span. Not supported in Firefox.
  • valign: Sets the vertical alignment of the column. Options are middle, bottom, baseline. Not supported in Firefox.
  • width: Sets the width of the column. Can be set in percents, pixels, or relative length. Valid in all major browsers.

<table border="1" width="100%">
<col width="50%" />
<col width="50%" />
<th>Head 1</th>
<th>Head 2</th>
<td>Data 1</td>
<td>More data</td>

Head 1 Head 2
Data 1 More data

Android, The Future of the Phone OS

Apple screwed up when they made the iPhone proprietary so that other companies could not it on their phones. Google then came along and made Android, which does much the same thing, but uses an open architecture so that others can develop for it. For this reason only, Apple will begin to fall to the side in the cell phone market. They did the same thing with computers. The Mac is a great computer, but only Apple can make it. That is a large reason why Windows has so much more of the market. If Apple had made its OS available on other platforms, it might have a larger share. Learn from your mistakes Apple!

Since Android is an open architecture, it has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Lets look at the biggest pros and cons for an open phone OS. First, any manufacturer can make a phone that runs on Android. This is both good and bad. The reason for keeping things proprietary is that you have control and you know that it is all going to run properly. PCs often have problems. Windows cannot control every machine that uses its OS and therefore does not always run properly. On the plus side, there are more manufacturers and therefor more options. The same is true for Android. There are more phone choices for Android as Samsung and HTC fight for supremacy in the market and others, such as Motorola are making strong options as well.

Second, there are more software options. With an open architecture, more people can program for the phone without buying expensive programming suites. This means that more software is out there. The good of this is there are more options. The bad is that a lot of it is rubbish. For instance, I was looking for something that would tell me where the closest fee free atm was. I found something, but it was not very well laid out. I then downloaded a couple of other programs. The others were just different faces on the first program. No added functionality at all. What a waste. Some software does not run properly, or only runs on some phones. However, there is a lot of great software out there that runs properly (at least for me). As more programmers come on board and get to know the language, there will be even more software options. There will be more good software and more rubbish, just like in the Windows world.

With an open architecture, I am sure that Android will continue to grow stronger and stronger. Before we know it, iPhone will have just a small share of the market, like Apple does with computers. iPhone might even be the better phone with the better OS, but with a proprietary architecture fewer people with program for it and people will gravitate toward the phone system with the most choices.

<var> Variable Tag

The <var> tag states that what is between the open and close tag is a variable and will alter the display of it. Use CSS to make a rich display.



<var>This is a variable</var>

This is a variable

<kbd> Keyboard Text

The <kbd> tag states that what is between the open and close tag is keyboard text and will alter the display of it. Use CSS to make a rich display.



<kbd>This is keyboard text</kbd>

This is keyboard text

<samp> Sample Computer Code Tag

The <samp> tag states that what is between the open and close tag is sample computer code and will alter the display of it. Use CSS to make a rich display.



<samp>This is sample computer code</samp>

This is sample computer code

Boost Your Phone

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Boost Mobile is part of the Sprint Pre-Paid Group. They offer mobile service, without a contract. Being on the Sprint and Nextel networks means that you have those ever growing networks to back you up and Nextel's push to talk, walkie talkie function to supplement web, email, etc like on all services.

Boost is advertising their "Re-Boost" program, which is their fancy way of saying "pay us". You can add to your account through the Re-Boost site, at a store, or over the phone. It does not appear that you can use the old fashioned way of just mailing them a check (or on-line billpay). Their everything plan is $50 per month, which appears to cover unlimited everything (except Blackberry).

Boost has a couple of popular phone options as well. The Blackberry is available, but is going to cost you $60 a month, instead of $50. The Motorola i1 is available for those that want Android, and Android does not seem to have the $10 fee that Blackberry does. Android is also cooler than Blackberry.

I'm not a fan of pre-paid mobile plans. I've never had one, but when I've gone into pre-paid stores they always have poor customer service. I need good service with my phone. I need to know that if there is a problem I can get someone to help me. If you have experience with Boost and can attest to their service, please comment below. I pay more than $50 per month for our phones and if I can cut down on cost, I'd like to. Of course, I have to wait for the contract to be up ;).

Visit my sponsor: Reboost

<dfn> Definition Tag

The <dfn> tag states that what is between the open and close tag is a definition and will alter the display of it. Use CSS to make a rich display.



<dfn>This is a definition</dfn>

This is a definition

Getting Fit With Wii Fit Plus


I'm trying to get into better shape. Everyone should exercise regularly, especially if they have an inactive job. Exercise helps your body to regulate itself so it controls depression, disease, digestion, hypertension, weight, ... I could go on. Basically, it is good. And there are so many ways to exercise that are fun. One such way is using a Wii game console with the Balance Board. There are several programs out there to help you along the way, but it comes with Wii Fit Plus. If you have an older balance board, then you got the older Wii Fit and can upgrade to the Wii Fit Plus for $20 retail.

Elizabeth and I are both using the Wii Fit Plus to exercise regularly. I also sometimes use videos or exercise without a "trainer" to follow (ie, on my own). I feel that I get the best workout through if I have the trainer to tell me what to do. I'm just not that creative in my routines. As I don't have any videos at home, unless I stream them from exercisetv.tv, I use the Wii Fit Plus a lot.

The Wii Fit Plus is a program where you can choose individual exercises or you get choose a routine to follow. The exercises are in categories, including: Yoga, Strength, Aerobics, Balance and Training Plus. Yoga and strength training are just exercise while the other three categories are more game exercises. Some are a lot of fun, others are frustrating. But if you play the single routines, you spent so much time between each routine that you loose a lot of exercise time. So you should go into My Wii Fit Plus and pick a longer routine.

In My Wii Fit Plus you can choose a three exercise routine that is focused on a specific area (neck and lower back, hip and legs, etc), or you can choose individual exercises to round out your routine. You can choose as many of either as you like to make your routine long or short. I usually do around 30 minutes.

Using the Wii Fit Plus shortens the time between each exercise to maximize your burn, but there is still a lot of time between each exercise. I want to go right from one exercise to the next so that I am getting 30 minutes of workout in a 30 minute routine and I don't get that with Wii Fit Plus, unless I supplement by adding in crunches while the game sets up for me. I also have to keep moving the balance board between each exercise, which is a little frustrating. If I had more room, this would not be as much of a problem, but....

It is nice to get feedback from the game. It reads the balance board and tells you that you need to shift weight, or lower your arm if you are holding the remote, etc. The feedback gets a little irritating when it tells you that you are doing great, and a. you know your not and b. at the end it gives you a low "score" on the exercise. The last thing that bothers me about it is that when you choose your own routine, you can only choose from yoga or strength. I like to have a little aerobics in there too...

The Good:
Comes free with balance board
Variety of routines/games
Games are fun
Gives positive feedback

The Bad:
Too much lag time
Have to move the board too often
Can't mix aerobics into own routine
Feedback is often wrong

B: It is good, but could be better. The main thing I want is shorter lag time between the exercises.